The other morning a dear friend and I grabbed coffee. Our conversation held the usual topics; our kids, school starting, family activities, and so on. In truth, I came to our meeting tired and frazzled.  In conversation I lamented over the end of summer. The long lazy days seemed like a breath of normalcy inContinue reading “Withdraw”


Feeling Small

The list of things that I’ve come to miss in this season keeps growing. And towards the very top is traveling. Last summer our family headed out west from Ohio. This was our first adventure seeing anything between Chicago and the Pacific Region. Our first stop was Kansas City, Missouri to see my little brotherContinue reading “Feeling Small”

Summer Whispers

Sometimes the world is just too much. Pain, suffering, hate, fear… It weighs heavily and I find myself holding my breath. Do you ever experience that? As I drove through the countryside the other night it felt like I was able to breathe deeply again. The Lord reminded me that His goodness is also everywhere.Continue reading “Summer Whispers”

Unexpected Joy

I am a typical middle child. I hate conflict. Whether the conflict is in my personal life or in the world, it overwhelms me. This usually plays out in one of two ways.  First, I will try to avoid it. In my personal life this means I will often put up with disappointment or mistreatmentContinue reading “Unexpected Joy”

Going Forward

Lately I’ve spent a fair amount of time listening to music. This is something I haven’t enjoyed for a while. A few months ago my brain was too full to add another layer of noise.  I’m currently painting my dining room. The process took some prep work, including removing old trim and patching walls. ThisContinue reading “Going Forward”

For The Birds

I love birds. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some sort of crazy bird lady. But I do love them.  The older I get the more I appreciate these funny little creatures. I love observing the brilliant American goldfinch. And the precious little chickadees amuse me with their spunk and charm. An occasional eastern bluebirdContinue reading “For The Birds”

Old Unwanted Friend

I find myself standing at the edge of a precipice — knowing exactly what lies beneath. By God’s grace, I have not fallen, but the feeling of standing at the edge is tangible. In this season (like most everyone) I’ve had my ups and downs. I’d like to think I’ve had more “up” days thanContinue reading “Old Unwanted Friend”

About Charlann

Charlann Glenn is privileged to minister to women and high school girls through bible studies at Old North Church where she and her husband, John, are members. She is currently homeschooling her three incredible children. When she isn’t busy with teaching, she enjoys reading, painting, enjoying a conversation and cup of coffee with a friend,Continue reading “About Charlann”

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