The other morning a dear friend and I grabbed coffee. Our conversation held the usual topics; our kids, school starting, family activities, and so on. In truth, I came to our meeting tired and frazzled.  In conversation I lamented over the end of summer. The long lazy days seemed like a breath of normalcy inContinue reading “Withdraw”

Feeling Small

The list of things that I’ve come to miss in this season keeps growing. And towards the very top is traveling. Last summer our family headed out west from Ohio. This was our first adventure seeing anything between Chicago and the Pacific Region. Our first stop was Kansas City, Missouri to see my little brotherContinue reading “Feeling Small”

Summer Whispers

Sometimes the world is just too much. Pain, suffering, hate, fear… It weighs heavily and I find myself holding my breath. Do you ever experience that? As I drove through the countryside the other night it felt like I was able to breathe deeply again. The Lord reminded me that His goodness is also everywhere.Continue reading “Summer Whispers”

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